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April 11
Medellin Colombia April 2010 Day Three
Today was a fabulous day as we started out together with a brief breakfast and as Doug and I got to talk about some personal issues. We knew today would be special so we ate our usual huevos, sausages, orozo y frijoles, and on accompanied by a glass of jugo de naranja and cafe con leche.

Then we loaded up and headed to the offices of Christ for the City International- Medellin where we would meet more of our team and load up the bus to head to La Cruz to minister to the mothers and children … as well as the workers of palabra pan y pez.

La Cruz is located WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY up in the Andes Mountains overlooking Medellin and is among the poorest of the poor of all of Colombia. Cheri and I have adopted some new heroes among these volunteers who take their own time and their own monies to minister to the wonderful individuals. They are truly our super heroes and I want to cheer them on and accompany them every step of the way.

Of course, the journey there was up a steep one-way road (on which we had to back our bus up when we met on on-coming downward descending bus. As we reached the top of the trail, we then had to walk further up a steeper trail. But it was worth it as we encountered many of the 500+ children as they were being taught by local volunteers. Without desiring to interrupt their normal teaching, we greet the volunteers and further ascended the trail to visit Mi Casa Azul and to visit the future Mi Casa Azul. Because our team was decimated by the pull out of some of the carpenters, the Blue House project was put on hold … but God knew what He was doing because an opportunity has arisen to purchase the house beside the current Mi Casa Azul for a trade of the current building and approximately $4,700 US. So we took the tour and took many pictures.

We then went to the current Mi Casa Azul for the purpose of greeting and encouraging the volunteers there for about an hour. Cheri, Doug, and I all three brought words of “well done” and “Keep steady the course” to these heroes. All of us were in tears as God moved among us.

We had to break quickly because there was a service that had to take place among the mothers there. It was marvelous as Cheri was able to bring the Word of God to about 100 mothers. She ministered wonderfully concerning their beauty and destiny. She spoke well of the mariposa and how God used often difficult situations to bring that butterfly to maturity and destiny. She then encouraged the ladies to daily look in the mirror and to tell that image looking back at them how they were fearfully and wonderfully made. A humorous moment occurred when Cheri was having her audience repeat words after her … and her translator got confused and was having the ladies repeat in English. All chuckled for the moment. Afterwards, Pastor Mabel told the ladies and Cheri that they had just heard a word form God that was a right on word for a right now moment. Of course I was very proud of my wife as she was faithful to minister His Word.

We left all of these heroes with many giant hugs and kisses and look forward to being with them again in the not too distant future.

For lunch, I had a grilled pollo breast, Coke Zero, ensalada, and papas de francesa.

WE rested for a bit and then went to a local church youth service where there were around 1,000 in attendance. It was loud. It was rowdy … and we all loved it. I am not sure how many youth gave their hearts to Christ but there were easily 75-100.

WE then met back up with Doug and headed to Adam’s home where we had some delicious pasta and Ginger Ale gaseosa with his family including little 19 month old David who was the entertainment for the evening.

Now we are back at the hotel where I am preparing to preach three morning service (7, 9, and 11) and again, waiting to see what God is going to do.

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