Sunday, January 09, 2011

An Interesting Proposal


Why is it that we in the American Church continually attempt to fill the Kingdom of God with American Common Sense and Hard Work. While the two are often mutually beneficial, at other times they are not only diametrically opposed but often detrimental to one another.

Take for instance the new theology/philosophy that says there is no time for retreat among growing Christians: that we are always to be moving ahead and never moving backwards.

While this sounds good and fits with our fast-paced American culture, it is often deadly to ministry, to families, and to individuals.

What happens is that we begin to liken God’s commanded sabbath rest to retreat (and even surrender.)

God designed, practiced, and admonished sabbath rest for His beloved for the purpose of causing them to be whole/complete individuals.

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in hard work. I believe in pressing forward. But we must also come to understand His rest.

This is how we become whole in Him. This is how we honor Him … not by burning out, not be sacrificing our families. But by trusting Him … and observing His sabbath rest.

It’s not retreat. It’s not surrender. It’s trust. It’s faith. It’s recuperation. It’s His sabbath rest … that He has commanded us.

Receive it. Take some time off. And rest in Him.

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