Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cartagena- Day 2

Today, we actually begin our conferences. Today's and Tonight's meetings are at the Iglesias de Arbol de Vidal hosted by Pastor Luis. Our initial group was small- maybe 75-100 people and was comprised of pastors and wives.

One very interesting thing happened today: we were actually cut off in traffic by a donkey-pulled cart. Again I can say, I've never seen that before.

I spoke in the first service alone BUT Cheri's luggage did get here this am so she was able to speak in the second meeting.

My message was well received and won the approval of this reserved congregation.

Cheri was able to teach the second session (much to my relief.) She spoke for a good hour and won the respect of the people.

After these AM sessions, I shared a Greek thought of the day with the word used in Romans 8:26 concerning the Holy Spirit helping us in out weaknesses. Even the Senior Pastor of the church was moved upon by the Holy Spirit on this one.

We left for the day around lunch time and retired to the apartment for needed lunch and rest.

For the evening service, I spoke concerning the Lord of the Breakthroughs. We had an altar call with over 100 coming up for prayer. (by the way, there were probably about 250 in tonight's service.

It has been a long time since I have seen God's move so obvious. I don't often get hyped up about people falling under God's power because that CAN BE a result of too much emotionalism ... but not so tonight. It was not really an emotional message.

We feel that we are already making some new friends among these precious pastors and their wives ... and we are delighted.

We had a beautiful trip back to the apartment where we were met with supper. Our driver took us through the old city where we saw castles lit up at night, the home (at least one of them) of Julio Iglesias, and many historic sites. then we rode along the beach ... again all I can say is, "BEAUTIFUL."

Around the table, we had God-ordained conversation with Francelina, our hostess. It was truly precious.

I can't wait to see what God is going to do tomorrow.

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Location:Cartagena, Colombia

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