Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colombia - Day 4

This has been a very exciting, yet very tiring day.

Cheri spoke first to the Pastor's wives today regarding Guarding Your Heart. I then spoke to everyone concerning community and working together. During the break, the pastor proudly showed us his audio, video, and internet equipment. He was so proud of the assets in this area and we were proud for him. While he was showing us these things, I spied a Cartagena poster concerning our ministers' convention. Pedro kept telling me in Spanish, "Pastor Jim, you're famous." apparently, these posters are all over town with Cheri's and my picture on them.

We have won two new friends on this journey. One is a young worship leader named Wilson. I guess he is mid-20s to 30 and is simply a delightful young man that happens to know a little English.

Our other friend is a little girl name Dianna who has really attached to Cheri. (I think Cheri has fallen for her two. She is probably 6 or 7 and is simply adorable (and shy.)

After the break, I was up to speak again. This time i spoke concerning "doing versus being" and it launched that from the commandment to remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.

We broke for lunch and immediately travelled to The Colegio Corporacion Cartagena Latino-americano where I joyously addressed the teachers and staff of this 600+ member school. (he may have even told me 800 but I forget.) my message regarding needing one another was well received. We were also invited to speak at another church Sunday but unfortunately, we are already booked up with Cheri going in one direction and I in other.

After a brief rest, I once again ministered to the pastors and local church attendees where I spoke on the woman with the issue of blood and the need for memorials to remind us from where God has brought us. We had a marvelous time with strong prayer for healing afterwards.

We are really enjoying seeing what God is doing and we are humbled that He would choose us.

We are also excited that He has placed us in such a beautiful place among so many new friends.

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Location:Cartagena, Colombia

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