Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cartagena- Day 6

I'm not sure when this will post; it's been a long day and a late night and I have two services to preach Sunday: one at 7:00 and the other at 9:30.

We closed out the Pastor's Seminar this morning with two great services. The building was relatively full and the people were expectant. I spoke in the first meeting regarding Staying on Task: Finishing the Journey. You could look at the faces and see that many were ready to quit simply out of weariness and frustration. Most every pastor understands this sentiment and primarily needs some encouragement. I gave the encouragement and some needed Scripture regarding how to protect oneself from such happening again.

And Cheri and team-taught to wrap up the series. We taught on spiritual disciplines as a means to renewing our spirits and minds. It was well received and many gave testimony of how their lives had been changed and challenged through our time together.

We went to the apartment for lunch and had a (briefer than normal) siesta. The reason for the shortness was that we had a city wide youth rally to conduct.275-300 teen showed up for the incredible time together. Their worship team did a great job and it was obvious that we were working with a group of kids who (mostly) lived the Lord.

I came up next and led in a crowd surfing race. Because the church was divided into two sections, we simply had two teams whose goal it was to transport one youth leader on each side all the way to the back and then back up front again. All of this was done over their heads ... As in they passed the youth leaders over the students heads from front to back and to front again. (I think one youth leader was briefly dumped on the way back up ... But no one was injured and nothing was broke.)

These kids were hyped. Cheri spoke (masterfully) about being a lion chaser and terrorizing the lions in our lives. Her challenge was that the same energy that went into a brief, frivolous game could by used for Jesus to win a generation and to win a country. We had a tremendous altar call with most students dedicating themselves to use their energies for Christ. We also had at least 13 saved and had many more staying afterwards for prayer, counsel, and photos. I have one really good shot of Cheri in a bunch of kids. We had fun ... And God moved too.

Now to finalize preparation for services tomorrow.

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Location:Cartagena, Colombia

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