Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Medellin Colombia day one

Today we opened our Pastors' Conference in Medellin. We woke up ready for this (although I woke up at 4:30 AM to the tune of two teen-aged boys fighting in the hallway on the floor below.)

After breakfast, we went to the church and discovered that they had gone all out on this event. They had eight foot tall banners with Cheri's and my face taking up about one third of it ... And there are no other speakers. And we found out they have flyers all over town ... In full color. Of course, we knew they had tv ads because we actually videotaped those (minus the tag lines) back in Tinley Park. ... But then we got the real shock: all of these pastors are wearing buttons with Cheri's and my pictures on them ... I mean 2" round buttons. We are not used to this kind of attention to say the least. And we're not embarrassed; we're humbled by it all.

Anyway, service started on time with great worship. I was up first and ministered on What is the Church? We took a break and Cheri ministered regarding Guard Your Heart. We were very well received and enjoyed our fellowship aver the services.lunch was with Pastor Andrew, pastor of the host church. I don't know how many they run but they have four services, all mostly full and their sanctuary seats well over two thousand people. He was a delight and spoke to us about coming in for staff consultation next year with his personal staff. (it's good to be recognized for qualities again.)

We spent the afternoon in siesta and then went out with good friends Pedro, Mabel, and Alejandro and Margarita. These accept us as family and provide us an incredible experience. They tells us, "you are not paisa (native country men) but you are familia. Again, this gives us a great feeling.

Well, we barely (literally) make it back to the room and Cheri is violently ill. Afterwards, she feels much better but is still nauseated. She feels as if it is something she ate but that is somewhat strange since food preparation hygiene is at US or above standards. And I feel a little wrest too as I write this.

Oh well, finalize preparation on tomorrow's messages (as we here several gunshots down the street), then we're off to bed.

By the way, we really DO feel absolutely safe and in God's hands here in what was once known as the most dangerous city in the world.

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Location:Calle 14,MedellĂ­n,Colombia

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