Sunday, March 30, 2014

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

I had been working at a restaurant for several months as a cash register operator. I have always been pretty good at working with other people and have also found myself able to find a place of commonality with almost everyone.

One of my techniques is that I always look for some “in” in each person’s life, whether it is the manner of dress during the depth of winter, military clothing that they might be wearing indicating that they might have been actively involved in the armed services, to unfamiliar accents to … well, you get the idea.

Recently, a young lady came in on a Sunday morning.

After eating, she came to my register to check out.

Her bill was $12.83.

She paid me in all one-dollar bills.

So I, using my “skill” in finding an “in” to create conversation AND by the fact that I was working in the food preparation business, came to the following conversation:

So I am guessing that you are a waitress/server.

Again, I am just looking for friendly conversation.

And she, looking at me … but quickly turning away to leave, says “No. I am a stripper.” … leaving my dropped-jawed.

The moral of this story is that we should assume NOTHING of ANYONE.

Each of us is who each of us is. While we all have opinions of one another, we are sometimes short of the mark in getting that assumption correct.

On that note: no one really knows us except of God … and ourselves.

While we often are influenced by others’ opinions of us, the truth is that that it is we … and God … who are the true influencers of who we are and what we become.

Don’t let the nay-sayers and doubters sway you from your progress and personal determinations.

Follow who you are becoming … and be proud of it.


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